Our strategy development framework is robust, yet flexible. It encompasses best practices that help you develop a roadmap and business case to deliver the right customer experience that is in-line with your overall business strategy.

Each strategy we design is uniquely tailored to meet your business objectives. We put significant effort to understand your customer’s expectations and align them to your corporate strategy providing you with a clear picture on what customer experience means to your company. This process includes looking at all customer touch points, across all channels and mapping them back to people, process and technology capabilities.

How It Works

Our strategy development begins with a healthy assessment of your brand and your customers, then digs deep into customer touch and business capabilities. Finally, we identify valuable and pragmatic projects that comprise a customer experience roadmap.

We have developed a 9-step process to lead your strategy development so each member of the team is enrolled and understands the primary goals. Within each step, we create customized activities for your company and outline results you can expect along the way.

  • Step 1: Analyze Your Brand Promise
  • Step 2: Listen to the Voice of the Customer
  • Step 3: Map the Customer Lifecycle
  • Step 4: Map the Experience Ecosystem
  • Step 5: Inventory Customer Touch Points
  • Step 6: Capability Maturity Assessment
  • Step 7: Identify Initiatives
  • Step 8: Develop Business Case
  • Step 9: Create Roadmap and Execute
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